From here you can easily choose the best free antivirus software to secure your personal computer and your valuable data on it. Here are some of the best free virus protection software that are considered as the best antivirus software on the planet. We will try to list as many free antivirus download options as we can so that you can always try some of them before making any decision.


AVG Free Antivirus is the most popular all across the world for complete protection of your computer. A single setup file is more than enough to protect both Mac and Windows computer.


Avast is also on top of the list of best free antivirus protection software available to download free of charge. Avast Free Antivirus has been first choice of many to protect their computer for decades


Less popular but very good free antivirus software for your computer. Panda free virus protection has always been very easy to use with its good user interface and one click scan feature.


Newly developed and very effective anti-malware protection you can have on your computer. Malwarebytes best antivirus can detect most of the threats like virus and spyware.

The Reality

There are times when a single best free antivirus is not enough to provide you complete protection against newly evolving threats on the internet. Thus we always recommend that you use a second opinion malware along with the best virus protection on your computer.
Why most of the antivirus fails to guard your privacy.

Most of the antivirus software available in market worldwide are able to detect only up to 45% of harmful infections thus no antivirus can guarantee full protection of your computer.

However there are other things that can affect performance of the antivirus software like it is not being updated regularly to latest virus definitions. This can lead to serious security concern about your privacy and data security.

Thus we recommend having a second opinion software protection on your computer and regular scanning of your computer to be sure that your PC is virus free.

  • Anti Virus

    A must have protection on your computer with firewall to protect your computer.

  • Anti Malware

    Thousands of new threats are evolving every day, anti-malware is the need now.

  • Anti Spyware

    A good anti-spyware is required to protect you privacy and data from cyber criminals.

  • Anti Adware

    A must have on your PC to avoid most annoying pop up ads and other adware.

Latest News

There are many websites on the internet that provides free antivirus download options but you have be wise enough while choosing free antivirus software to protect your computer and data. Best antivirus software does not need to be the best virus protection for you.