AVG Free Antivirus Review 2017

It is always a good idea to use Antivirus software to protect your computer and valuable data on it. But sometimes it might be difficult to choose the best security software for your computer as the internet if flooded with many options. Most of the Best Antivirus software are subscription based thus you have to pay an annual fee to use them but there are plenty of Good Free Antivirus software that you can use on your computer for complete security. One of such software is AVG Free Antivirus that has almost all features that a paid antivirus might have. Here is an in-depth AVG Free Antivirus Review so that you can understand it better and decide whether it suits your requirements or not. We have tried to complete this AVG Review with most of the information that is needed to make a decision.


Although AVG is a well known name in the world but before we move further with AVG Antivirus Review let us first introduce it in case if you are not familiar. AVG Free Antivirus previously known as the Grisoft is one of the most advanced antivirus and internet security software for Windows and Mac OS platform. The name of the AVG Antivirus came from their first product which was the “Anti-Virus Guard” launched in the year 1992 in Czech. By the year 1997 the first AVG Antivirus was sold in Germany and UK. In the year 1998 the AVG was introduced in USA. AVG became more popular when the AVG free edition was launched globally. To complete this AVG Antivirus Review we will look at its features and functions.


Avg Review

AVG Free Antivirus has plenty of features that it offers to be recognized as the Best Free Virus Protection. AVG Antivirus has behavioral protection, cloud protection, signature based blocking and white listing. AVG Antivirus also protect user against identity theft to guard user’s personal identifiable information. AVG Free Antivirus has almost all the features that are needed in the modern antivirus, let’s review them one by one.

AVG Antivirus Engine Review

AVG Antivirus Scan Review

AVG has one of the most advances antivirus engines that is able to detect most of the viruses and malware on real time basis. It uses both signature based as well as behavior based technologies to identify threats. Apart from virus and malware AVG is also able to protect user from spyware and rootkits due to its cloud based technology. AV-Test Lab has tested AVG for its performance and it did really very well. AVG has always been Best Free Antivirus Software while detecting viruses but it sometimes slows down the computer a bit while performing scan. AVG also puts infected files in the quarantine so that you could not open them accidentally. AVG Antivirus engine has intelligence to ignore already scanned files to make scanning faster. Gaming mode lets you enjoy your favorite games without being disturbed by several notifications. Let’s take this AVG Review further and explore other important features.

AVG Anti-Ransomware Review

Ransomware is not a common word in the Antivirus industry but its trend is increasing day by day. There are hundreds of Ransomware floating on the internet these days such as CryptoWall and TeslaCrypt. These malware programs are created by the computer programmers who are eager to earn quick and easy money. A ransomware commonly encrypt important files on your computer such as MS-Word thus you cannot read anything from that file then it ask you money to decrypt these files. AVG Antivirus as active tools to protect you against these malware and AVG has also released many standalone tools to decrypt your files if your computer has already been infected.

AVG Email Scanner & Anti-Spam Review

AVG Email Scanner Review

AVG Free Antivirus has a very simple and easy tool to fight against spam and scam email that you might be receiving every day. AVG has cloud based Anti-Spam protection to deliver best email security that helps you to protect your computer against spam emails. AVG Antivirus also allows you to block senders individually who are sending spam emails. You can easily configure AVG Anti-Spam settings in the user interface.

AVG Firewall Review

AVG Antivirus has a very intelligent firewall that works well with all versions of Windows and Mac operating system. It automatically decide network permissions based on its robust database of software programs that needs network access. AVG Antivirus Firewall has three different profiles based on your computer usages such as Home Network, Office Network and Public Network which can be configures individually to improve protection against threats. If you are using a private network AVG firewall automatically turns on file and printer sharing and disables them when you are on a public network. AVG Antivirus Firewall is smart enough that cannot be disabled by malicious programs as its registry settings are fully protected.

AVG Link Scanner Review


To add another layer in your computer security against online threats, AVG has added Link Scanner feature in its Free Antivirus. AVG Link Scanner scans each and every links that you are opening in your web browser and warns you for hacked and malicious websites. It maintains real time and up-to-data database of websites to protect you against malicious websites and downloads. Each website on the internet might have hundred of web pages thus AVG Link Scanner analyze each web page individually to maintain accurate information in its database. AVG Antivirus Link Scanner will use minimum resources on your computer and will not slow it down to protect you on internet.

AVG PUA Scanner Review

PUA or Potentially Unwanted Programs can sometimes behave like malicious programs such as virus and malware. Sometimes they are installed on your computer legitimately but there are chances that you might have installed them without knowing about it. Most of these programs get installed on your computer with some other ad support software and you do not even know about this. AVG Antivirus protects you against this kind of software that you might have downloaded on your computer unknowingly.

AVG Real-Time Outbreak Detection Review

AVG Free Antivirus Review

AVG Antivirus real time detection is a community driven feature to protect users against the newest viruses and malware. If any of the AVG users is infected by an unknown virus, AVG update the entire community about this new threat thus protecting all users in real time. Going ahead in the AVG Free Antivirus Review will know about the most important parental control feature of AVG Free Antivirus.

AVG Parental Control Review

This feature is the most helpful for multi computer home or if your kids use the same computer. You can create and configure multiple profiles for kids based on their age. AVG Parental Control allows you to block bad websites in 61 categories that you think are not safe for your kids. Instead of blocking AVG Antivirus Parental Control can also warn users about bad websites and links.


AVG is the Best Free Antivirus and a very good performer with wide range of features and maintains a huge database to identify the threat in order to block them. It uses cloud technology and has quick development and deploy defense against the threats. It is as quick as soon as the hackers hatched their viruses. It has the ability to understand on how to protect the computer from viruses and warms. AVG do provide excellent support to its customer and support technicians are always willing to do a bit extra to resolve customer’s issues.


We believe that we have included everything in this AVG Review but still if anything is left, kindly let us know in comments section. We will update this AVG Free Review as soon as possible. We will appreciate if you can share this review on social medial in order to help other users to device weather AVG is the best solution for them.

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