BullGuard Free Antivirus Review 2016

bullguard-av-boxA Brief History:
BullGuard, a global name in the internet and mobile security market is a privately owned software company was founded in the year 2002 by two Danish entrepreneurs. The objective behind setting up this company was to create a very powerful PC internet security that would include all security features and would be used to protect home and small businesses. The guiding rule for the company was to design and develop security tools that are not only easy to use for an average user but also incorporated advanced security options using the latest of technologies. The security products aimed to protect children online and create multi-layered defenses that would protect a system from malware attacks.

The flagship product of BullGuard is the BullGuard Internet Security. The original software contained free antivirus, firewall and online backup features. Since then, it has evolved significantly and occupies a majority of the internet security market today.

The Outstanding Features of Bull Guard Antivirus:
The field of antivirus is completely crowded and in this crowd it is really very difficult and confusing to choose the right product. Best Antivirus software needs to be incorporated with many a positive features to stand out from the existing antivirus solutions in the market. Thanks to its developers, BullGuard Antivirus has many such features which have intrigued a major section of the users. This best free antivirus solution has been able to make a mark of itself in the market with its anti-spam tools, an impressive early detection feature and an attractive interface for the users and of course with an excellent customer service. It is uniquely designed to address problems like detecting a variety of viruses, spywares, worms, rootkits and Trojans.


The software carefully scans the system disk and memory looking for signs that may indicate the presence of viruses and malware. This free virus protection also protects you from internet threats like filtering spams and keeping your inbox clean. The interface is so designed that it can be understood very quickly and there are also medium that frequently shows you explanations if you are a beginner. The basic menu options in the software include Antivirus, Spam filter and Support.

In the various antivirus test conducted on the software, it has always come up with good scores though not the best. It gave excellent results in the tests for protection and gave an average score in the performance tests. However, it should be a little trouble when tested for usability.


Another advantage of the BullGuard free antivirus software is its early detection feature. It helps you eliminate existing threats and prevent future ones from attacking your system by quickly detecting the malware and spywares. It also has safe browsing feature that protects you from phishing. The customer support is impressive and you can easily get answers for your queries from the support team.

The Final Verdict:
Though it has showed average performance records in some aspects, the good things about the software cannot be ignored altogether. BullGuard Antivirus is a combination of much improved antivirus with a decent spam filter and it is much recommended for an average user. BullGuard free antivirus download is available from the official website as well as some of the top software download websites like CNET and Softonic.

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