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Mumbai based MicroWorld Technology is not a huge name in the United States. MicroWorld is a very advanced security solution provider which specializes in Antispam, Antivirus and Content Security. They have incorporated in New Jersey USA and has offices in Germany, India and Malaysia. The company is headed by Govind Ramamurthy who is a dynamic entrepreneur and a technocrat began his operations in the year 1993. The firm has redefined their security landscape by innovating technologies and solutions that are taking them forward. The goal of the company is to provide futuristic security intelligence to the computers and the enterprises or to home users.

About MicroWorld
Several rigorous tests has been conducted by reputed review companies who have in depended evaluators for the security company. They have also won several awards for their superior performances of them which AV-Comparatives, TUCOWS, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark are few of them. According to E-Scan the biggest asset they have are the people. Their core team consists of wizards from various platforms and technology, veterans in sales, geniuses in marketing and masters of finances. They are always up for best and the brightest talents to hire them. MicroWorld questions their conventions to break new paths and form new.


As per the test reviews are concerned, E-Scan Free Antivirus works pretty well against the widespread malwares and had very few false positive software detections. Other than that eScan free virus protection had an average performance in the case that they slowed the test computer. The product from eScan has VB100 certification from Virus Bulletin tests which makes it more reliable to detect viruses and does not generate the false positives. They have also won plenty of awards on the respect that the product had performance in advanced malicious file detection test.

Most of the antivirus present today has Windows firewall but eScan has included their own inbound and outbound traffic that helps in monitoring the traffic and defense of the network attacks. This gives the ability to the eScan to protect itself against the malware in emails by scanning their attachments and quarantine the infected files in the emails. In order to make sure that you don’t send any mails with viruses it eScan you’re outgoing mails also.


It is a trait of a good free antivirus to remove all the existing threats that are present in the computer and protect from the new ones. E-Scan uses real time scanning which helps in detecting and defending the modified files in order to increase the performance and reduce the scan time of the system. The system also has the ability to ensure that the critical system of the file do not get accidentally end up in the recycle bin or the quarantine.

Downloading and installing this antivirus is quite easy and straightforward. After installing the step you can update the most current virus definitions in order to start an eScan your entire computer. All the eScan works takes place behind the scenes of the use of computer and if you are not satisfied you can also perform manual scans in order to adjust the settings. Escan has the ability to fortify your entire computer with convenience and protection. Other than that they have online keyboard system which helps you to protect the passwords and many other sensitive information from the key loggers.


Gamer modes help you to enjoy movies and presentations without any interruptions. It has the ability to detect full screen applications and activates them automatically. The free antivirus controls all the software and also helps you to create a rescue disk for emergency purposes. One of the demerit of the software is that it tends to slow down the computer to some extent.

As per the verdict of this free antivirus is concerned, it is a very effective free malware protection product which has its built in firewall. It has a very good balance between performances and features. It is actually more than enough to have a software which has the ability to protect the computer from rootkits, viruses, spywares and other malwares.

Most of the malware samples try to fight with the security products by getting over the registry and preventing the installation of the product. But eScan free antivirus software works hard. It is not on the hit list so they do not attempt to block it. I was able to install the product in the malware infected system without any difficulty. The installer can perform a quick scan in order to wipe out the active malware. Partial malware removal by pre-scan might lead to put your computer to a blue screen of death spiral, which will reboot over and over again.


The antivirus software has good test results. ICSA labs certifies eScan with virus detection and removal, West Coast labs certifies this product with detection. It has the VB100 award for eight of the tests out of ten. These results are good but there are some of the applications which has done better. It has the ability to detect about 82 percent of the malware threats which is above average. However its malware detection rates are high, malware removal rates are below average. A couple of the threats which were detected and were removed allegedly were still there.

MicroWorld has covered the entire security spectrum making it one of the top solutions in protecting all the information and security assets. Over the past few years they have been protecting the world and redefining the information security landscape by developing innovative technologies and solutions. Their endeavor is to provide security intelligence to the computers. They have some of the best support systems which give you their access 24×7 via live chat, phones and emails.

EScan is the best antivirus when it comes to cost of ownership and it is very effective as well. EScan Free Antivirus is a very adequate software product that protects the windows operating system. It has real time protection and knows ways to block unwanted malware downloads. It behaves in an unconstructive way so that you can play games on your PC with saved notifications and alerts which can wait until you are finished playing.


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