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F- Secure is an online security company based in Finland. It is a computer security and anti-virus company. The company has its offices in over 20 countries and is spread over 100 countries. The company was founded in the year 1988 with very few passionate workers who made up the root of the company. Plenty of changes have taken place from then and now.

The digital world as we know today has taken a huge turn. Although they are one of the world leaders in security systems, they do have the same values that they established when they made this company. Some of the most important values they follow are privacy, transparency, integrity and trustworthiness.

They have been defending millions of people all around the globe for the last 25 years. They work against corporate cyberattacks to general crime wares and is available for 200 operators and in more than 40 countries. They have a mission to let people connect safely to the world and share with one another. They are perhaps one of the very first vendors to establish their presence on the Internet. This company is among the A list anti-virus and has its rivals to Kaspersky, Avast and Panda security.

The company was initially established under the name Data Fellows by Risto Sillasmaa and Petri Allas where they trained computer users to build customized database. After three years of its initial start they released their first software which was the first heuristic scanner for anti-virus. By the year 1994 they launched their first free antivirus for Windows PC and in the year 1999 they changed their name to F-Secure. In the year 2010 they received the award for product of the year which placed F-secure ahead of Panda and other anti-virus at that point of time.

f-secure free antivirus

Talking specifically about the product. F-Secure free antivirus has pre installation scans in order to remove infections before they install in the main application. The interface of the best free antivirus is sleek and a very good protection and can be considered to be one of the best free antivirus software products. This anti-virus is fast and very effective. They have advanced protection technology and the ability to integrated security features. They help in protecting against the spywares and virus. Other than that they also help in eradicating Trojans and worms.

This also has the ability to identify and remove rootkits. They can help in protecting you against the viruses that are spread through emails and malwares which attempt to infiltrate through the Windows Registry. As per the tests conducted on this anti-virus, they look very good upon blocking the malware. This is considered as the best free antivirus software.

They have behavioral based deep guard which tests programs to fast scan and testing. They have improved handling and supports both Mac OS and Windows. One of the drawbacks that I found while using this product is that they do not have malicious URL blocking which was pretty bad as per the reputation of the anti-virus was concerned.

f-secure best free antivirus

The installer of the anti-virus runs very quickly and clean up scans in order to make sure that there is no active malware in the system. Other than that you can also go ahead and do up the cleanup manually and once the installation is finished you can see the program simple on the main window. The interface of the anti-virus is very useful. As the scan is done they show up a report of the current status of the system with a button that offers you to have a scan or change settings.

Although there seemed to be some lagging in the application as per the lab tests came out about the performance. Installation of the program is straightforward and has automatic removal of antivirus which helps you to scan the computer even before installation of the program which turns out to be very helpful if your system is infected. Although they use up very little resources they do not quite rank equally to the higher ranked products on the list.

They have simple navigation and interface which makes it very easy to schedule specific scans and adjusting the settings. They updates and runs the scan automatically and collects new threats in the cloud which is then again pushed to the entire user community to help make them aware. The anti-virus has pre active protection which helps against zero day threat which is undetectable as per the current virus signature is present.

You can also perform a manual scan on some certain files and folder and even scan the compressed files as well as folders and files on your USB drive. The software has features which allow them to automatically clean up the infections which put them to quarantine. The file on the quarantine cannot be damaged and users can decide whether to keep or flush them out.

It is quite common for any kind of antivirus products for installing a plug-in browser which helps in marking up any dangerous kinds of links in the search options. The F-secure also comprises of many features but sometimes does not mix up with the results from Bing, Google or any other search engine.

A technical support can be contacted up by the phones mostly on weekdays or a representative can also be contacted and a live chat can be conducted. The installation test of this product concluded that this software never require any restart in the process of installation or during uninstalling the software. It will almost take 24-25 minutes for installation as it will download many files during this process.

Hence, this free virus protection is very much useful in various ways. It also protects the computer from any kinds of viruses or any other malware that attack the computer with the intention of harming it. It also updates its function on its own and never slows down the computer. This software takes quite a long time for installation on the computer.


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