Immunet Protect Free Antivirus Review 2016

immunetA Brief Introduction:
IMMUNET Protect Free is a versatile antivirus solution which utilizes cloud computing to provide enhanced community based security to PCs and computers. The community driven free antivirus uses the technology of ClamAV and its own engine to build a secured wall around the system on which it is being installed.

The antivirus software application occupies around 10 MB of disk space and it is very fast in its operation providing up-to-date protection to your PC against threats. The signature files of the viruses detected by the free virus protection are stored in the cloud not on individual computers and that is why update download is not at all required making its use more simple. Once a virus has been detected by Immunet, all other Immunet users receive the same protection instantly.

The Varied Features of Immunet:
Well, if you have a close look, the antivirus business is more or less like the exterminator business. You can always have the exterminator fumigate your apartment to drive away the cockroaches. But the reality is the cockroaches just go for a visit to your neighbour’s house. As soon as the fumes disappear, they are back. To bring out a permanent solution, all your neighbours have to debug their own domiciles. The same is the idea when you think about the community centric Immunet Protect best free antivirus solution. With Imuunet, every other user of the software automatically becomes an ambassador with the My Community feature thus making antivirus solution reach roughly a billion users.

The signatures are kept in the cloud and it uses collective intelligence, data mining and machine learning methods to quickly detect threats in the computer. It detects viruses, worms, bots, spyware, keyloggers and Trojans without downloading any update ever. Another important feature of Immunet Protect best antivirus is that it is always connected to the internet and this thus can automatically update information by gathering from the other users. In other words, once a threat has been detected on any system on which this antivirus has been installed, the same threat is blocked on every other system that hasImmunet installed. Interesting, isn’t it?


The cloud based nature of the free antivirus software makes it very lightweight. The antivirus solution may be a young player in the market but it definitely has the arsenal to do well in the market. The antivirus abolishes the fact that multiple antivirus working concurrently cannot be effective. It has compatibility with AVG, Avast, Avira, Norton, McAfeea and Microsoft Security Essential.

The Downs of the Antivirus:
The malware detection function and feature of the antivirus solution is not that effective. When tested for rootkit removal, it scored zero. Even some malwares were blocked By Immunet, the samples got installed in the clean test system.

The Final Claim:
All said and done, Immunet free antivirus download is available eon the official website. Apart from the fewer lacunas it has, the Immunet Protect antivirus has the potential to give quite a boost to the antivirus through its community featured algorithm.

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