K7 Antivirus 2016 Review

k7-av-boxK7 Computing Private Limited, based in Chennai is a software and hardware security company which was founded in the year 1991. The company has its own lab in Chennai where researches regarding software and virus detection are handled by expert professionals in this field. K7 Computing is a member of the Association of Anti-Virus Research Asia Researchers or the AVAR.

The company has been developing free antivirus software since the last 20 years and takes pride in the efficiency with which it detects malwares and spywares in a computer and tactfully removes them rendering the system safe and secure from identity theft and other problems. The flagship product of K7 Computing is the K7 Antivirus Plus which had won the AV Comparatives Performance Test for 2010.

K7 Antivirus: Its Unique Features:
The K7 Free Antivirus is quite rich in features. The most important feature of the antivirus solution is that it installs quite quickly in comparison to other antivirus software in the market. The flame orange colour of the scheme of the antivirus is attractive enough to stand out from the crowd. The added advantage of the antivirus solution is that it doesn’t specifically run a pre install or on install like other antiviruses do thus saving much time. The real time protection feature of this best free antivirus detects active threats almost immediately after install and requests reboot to remove them completely. On the contrary, the antivirus launches pre install scan to wipe out the malwares that may interfere with the installation and delay it further.


The antivirus is scaled accurately according to the users need. K7 free virus protection completes the scan within 20 minutes unlike other suites which take 30 minutes. If rootkit detection is done, it may add another 5 or 10 minutes to the scanning time. When a Trojan is encountered by the antivirus software or detects a higher risk malware, either it removes them immediately or schedules them for removal on reboot. But if a less risky item is found, it just marks it for removal but never removes it which is unlike the other best antivirus solutions that are available in the market.


The interface of the antivirus is easy and thus it is user friendly. This works great for novice users who will enjoy the simple design. The variety of features available with the software makes it simple to access the main dashboard. The uniform colour scheme also makes it easy to identify the protection and the privacy tools. It also offers a free technical support to the users.

The Lacunas:
When the K7 software was tested under AV-TEST, it was not able to protect against malware attacks efficiently which also included web and email threats. It also slowed down the system significantly. There was a significant impact on the total usability of the computer which included false warnings, false detections, and false blockages.

The Final Call:
The antivirus software grabs only a chunk of the US market. K7 free antivirus download is available from the official site. Certain areas of the antivirus need improvisations.

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