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Kaspersky Free AntivirusIntroduction
Kaspersky free antivirus which was formally known as the Antiviral Toolkit Pro is a very popular antivirus program which was developed in order to fight out the antivirus. The basic aim of the anti-virus was to take out the malwares and was primarily designed to run on computers running on Mac OS and Windows. Kaspersky is one of the best anti-virus that rules over a lot of competitors. It has a great potential and ability to get the root and destroy the malwares irrespective of the malware is already known or is freshly discovered. Most of the competitors of the Kaspersky lacks the ability to automatically detect and destroy the malware and lack anti phishing.

Kaspersky antivirus is one of the fastest growing computer security companies operating over 200 countries with offices in more than 30 countries. They basically focus on the global market with an overall revenue of about $700. Their secret is to be committed to the customers with advanced technologies. Since the IT industry is one of the most important industries in the world, a huge amount of IT security is needed. In Kaspersky they run with the vision to effective fight cybercrime together. They tend to share their knowledge and ideas with the all the security communities so as they do not have borders to provide security. There is a rapid growth in the IT industry and which that there is an urge cyber threat at a global scale. Kaspersky understands the situation very well and is well reformed to set their immense experience and expertise to detect and eradicate the malicious programs. Their most precious asset is the knowledge they gained over the years of work they did to protect us from major IT threats.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Kaspersky free antivirus is loaded with features like real time protection, removal of virus, worms and Trojans and real time protection. Other than that they protect against adware, spyware, key loggers as well as detect rootkits. At Kaspersky the users has the ability to connect to the Kaspersky security network where they allow all users to share their problems and new virus problem with the security lab in order that they can identify the malware and help reduce the time in order to reduce the security risks that they get targeted to in their computer. They have a strict privacy policy at the labs with their security and services so that they do not send certain information. Other than that it has the ability that they do not get switched off by some malwares. They require certain password access and prompt in order to disable the elements that they change the links to know the malware and their hosting sites.

When we talk about the performance of an anti-virus there are three basic attributes that we need to consider. Those being protection against the infections, accuracy and usability. Kaspersky excels in these three categories as per the AV tests are concerned. The test conducted with this anti-virus was tremendous and there was about very low influence of the system performance. Other than that they display no false warnings. The most important feature of Kaspersky is the ability to detect and prevent the viruses. Not just virus, malwares and spywares, the anti-virus helps us protect from identity theft and online financial transaction. They also have key loggers which is to monitor the keyboard to caption passwords and logins. They let you by pass the keyboard and directly access the screen to block malicious sites.

Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus software protection in the world. It is uncertain that they do not have 24×7 online tech support but the quality of their support is well above a lot of other competitive anti-virus companies. Kaspersky is well beyond expectation but has certain limitations too. They lacks features in the basic version which is filled in the internet security to have personal firewall, secure keyboards and anti-banners to parental control. Other than that one other features that slags it back is its inability to be compatible with other anti-spywares and anti-virus.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Kaspersky free antivirus has huge reputation in the industry and is rated as one of the top graded labs. I have been using this product for the last few months and I have mixed experience with the anti-virus. The anti-virus is well equipped as per the real time protection is concerned but lacks in the way that they are bad in virus removal. Some of the times they are just unable to detect and remove the threats. The real time protection of the product is impressive. Kaspersky is very through in deleting and blocking the malwares. As per this is concerned it is very good in blocking new threats but lacks lot as cleaning up the existing threats are concerned. They use up very little resource from the user. Even though they run full time, they scan and has no result on the system performance.

Although they reduce the speed but it is quite ok to have an 11% reduction of system performance. The user interface of Kaspersky is very clean and is modern. Some of the features on the interface might come to you as annoying but that makes the navigation easier when you are not having consistent access to the anti-virus. One of the weak points of Kaspersky is it support. They have a very weak technical support and locating the right information of the problem that you are facing might come to be hard. They have a lot of webpages and pop ups to make it more unclear about the answer that you need. They have a live support team which is pretty useful and friendly to use but might seem that they read out from the script.

To conclude the whole thing, Kaspersky is high level anti-virus with good performance, protection and usability. They have plenty of features which might help you to protect your computer. Unless you are in need to online support this is good choice to make in terms of prevention of threats.


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