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Malwarebytes is a security company whose products are specified to internet security and protects smartphones. Home computers and companies systems. They have the ability to stop, block and remove advanced malwares like that of zero day threats and exploits which most of the high listed software miss. Malwarebytes has the ability to run alongside other software in the form of a layered protection which then catches the threats that slip past through the other anti-virus. Malwarebytes Company is established in San Jose in California. They claimed that in the year 2014 their products has saved about 250 million computers and has an average of six computers repaired every second. Other than that they also have the record of removing five billion pieces of malware all taken together.

The company was established in the year 2004 when a 14 year old Marcin Kleczynski had a problem with his family laptop in spite of already having a security software. By the year 2006 he continued working on the project and took advice on online forums to make available a free program called the RogueRemover. In the year 2008 they started trading under the name Malwarebytes and officially launched their free tool for removing the problems of malware. Other than that they also released another version, which was a paid software which had proactive protection called the Malwarebytes.

In the year 2012 they launched themselves in the corporate market with the enterprise all aimed to desktop based anti-malware detection and protection. By the next year they acquired the ZeroVulnerability labs and expanded their malware removal and protection to the Android platform which helped the launch of the Malwarebytes anti malware mobile. Other than that they also launched their USB based product which aimed at removing malware for technicians. In the year 2014 they announced a $30 million venture which was funded from Highland Capital Partners. They launched their Malwarebytes 2.0 with a new and advanced user interface dashboard.


Malwarebytes free antivirus has powerful technology that is built to seek out and destroy the malware infections. I started using this software about a year ago and can say that they have grown a lot in time. It is very simple to use and more importantly it is highly effective and works perfectly on my OS. The full scan of the system takes about 45 to 50 minutes. The new software has a very friendly user interface and has changed a lot from the previous one to have a evened out interface to have self-explaining which under my regard makes it better understanding and novice than informative for intermediate user.

The free version of this software is very easy to use and is well known for its detection and removal capabilities. Other than that they also offers a host for the extra utilities which are well approachable and has the forum community to help out and combat the pieces of malware that exists in the dense. Technicians all around the world uses this product in order to clean up the resistant malware. The new version of the software has all the malware fighting power as it had in the previous version and more. The new version has a very nice user interface and is very easy to use.


The new user interface features a very big scan now button which offers you full overview of the security scan status. Other than that thy have the status of the software update and the display of time and date of the latest scan. Panels for protection status and licensing is reserved for the features of the Malwarebytes Premium version. It is mandatory that anyone using the software at commercial settings has to pay for the premium version in real time protection. Some of the features that they include is thread scan which is similar to that of Quick Scan feature previously installed. This thread scan feature checks for the active malware and examines the launch of the startups and looks for malware traces in the registry and scan files in the location. Hyper scan is another feature that looks for the active malwares. It advices that the hyper scan makes find the malware that is immediately run in thread scan.

Now you might be wondering what happened to the full scan. In order to do that you need to choose custom scan and select the whole drive in order to have standard clean test which might take 26 minutes or more. Malwarebytes anti rootkit previously used to be a separate tool which is now simply a part of the anti-virus. When the default settings are run the rootkit is initially off. Malwarebytes has approximately four to five techniques to remove the rootkits and on the way repairs collateral damage to the operating system to which you have the software installed in. Malwarebytes do not let users to have schedule scans so you just have to manually open the program to click on scan in order to scan every time you want to check for malwares. After the scan is finished it will list out the suspicious items that detect the quarantine which ignore them from all future scans.


One of my favorite tools in Malwarebytes is the Chameleon which is the countermeasure against the forms of the malware which try to disable the malware programs in the computer that they infect. Other than that there is the anti-exploit tools which helps in monitoring the attacks to get into the computer. Malwarebytes has chameleon which has the ability to help speed up the computer on the startup by disabling other programs at the startup.

Malwarebytes was not designed to be used in the anti-virus programs. Other than that it was meant to be as existingto AV software in choice to provide quick and efficient removal of the latest and dangerous malware. There are plenty of unique features in the software that makes it worth a try especially the Chameleon feature which helps to regain control of the serious compromised machine.


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