McAfee Antivirus 2016 Review

mcafee-antivirus-2016-boxThe Inception:
McAfee, one of the most recognizable computer security providers had its roots firmed in the year 1987. Since then, it has incessantly come up with numerous innovative products which have given an edge to other free antivirus products in the market. The company prides itself in being one of the top-notch companies that has been designing and developing best free antivirus and other security software for the protection of the PC or the computer. The products designed and developed by McAfee are primarily digital security tools for personal computers and server devices and more recently they have begun designing similar products or software for mobile devices.

An Economic Investment:
Well, the dividing line between free virus protection and security suites are increasingly becoming thinner since today vendors are adding more advanced features like anti-spasm and firewall protection to the basic antivirus products. To add more to it, the 2016 Edition of the McAfee Antivirus Plus has further blurred the line in an innovative way. Instead of the three PC subscriptions for $59.99, you can now add the McAfee protection to every device you own at a similar pricing. Wonderful, isn’t it? You can now install the protection on all your Windows, Mac OS or android devices. Moreover, the wealth of features that it consists of, it further acquires the level of a best antivirus. McAfee Antivirus is really an economic choice for folks who own a number of computers because of the fact that a mere $60 can protect and secure everything you got. Also, it has got unlimited license bundles for Macs and Android devices.


The working of the McAfee is wonderfully designed. It builds three protective fences around the PC or the device you are using on. The first fence matches or tallies the digital signatures of new files with those of the infectious files and then it conducts a behavioral monitoring of the unrecognized software. The McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence Network is another interface which makes the software stands out from other products in the market. Into this interface, 100 million systems across the globe using McAfee software send in samples of new malware and spywares. Your computer will also be set up to participate in this file sharing system but you have the option of opting out.


In addition to the detection of malware, spywares and spam or phishing attempts, the McAfee Antivirus also has the capability to find dangerous software in emails which may pose a threat to the safety and privacy of your device.

A Few Downsides:
Unfortunately, the software has missed detection of a significant number of malware. With its installation, there have been cases where the system has slowed down considerably. Also, it doesn’t come with Windows XP or Vista compatibility. McAfee free antivirus download is also available on other third party websites like CNET.

The Final Verdict:
Apart from the few above mentioned disadvantages, it is good free antivirus software for large families or an individual with a number of devices. It is one of the fastest ways to scan your computer. It also comes with a file shredder, performance optimizer and a firewall which adds to the advantages.

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