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Panda Free Antivirus Security is one of the markets most dominated virus control software vendor. Formally known as the Panda Software is a Spanish company founded in the year 1990 by its former CEO Mikel Urizarbarrena. They started with the production of antivirus software and they expanded their business to applications which included firewall, spyware and spam detection applications. Panda security competes with all the leading anti-viruses in the industry. Panda security has vast range of security tools which include tools for enterprises and home users. These products has the ability to protect your computer from cybercrime and other kinds of malware that has the ability to damage the entire IT systems.

About the Company
Panda was the fourth largest antivirus company in the year 2005. By Gartner analysts they rate this company as an innovator of technologies. As per the CEO of the company the security model of the system allows the users to automatic scan the treats instead of just scanning the computer which is followed by its rival companies. It is one of the fastest and efficient malware detectors.It is an international security provider that is based on cloud security system with their products made available in more than 23 countries including mine. It was perhaps one of the first IT security system that has able to harness the cloud power to compute its intelligence. The innovative model can automatically determine and analyze thousands of malware every day.


I have been using Panda Free Antivirus Security for the last few years and it does not disappoint. Antivirus Pro gives some of the most amazing tools and features like rescue tool, built in firewall and USB scanning. As per AV test Panda Antivirus Pro runs the best. It has been certified as the most effective protection against malware by the AV-Test. What I noticed about the product is although it has the ability to stop malware attacks but did so at the expense of slowing the computer to some extent. As per its judgement in distinguishing the bad and the good files, it is quite accurate. The antivirus gives you the ability manually to distinguish between unknown and known threats and lets you control all of them. You also have the ability to scan the hard disk, messages and files and even pick if you would like to protect them to record all events in some log. Other than that you can also pick all the types of threat that you would like to detect like jokes, hacking tools, viruses and spyware.


Malware Blocking
One of the most important feature of Panda free antivirus is that it has on access scanning which does not spring until you execute the file which unlike other spyware detector does a good job as they tend to block the malware as soon as it is launched. It also deleted all the three quarters of the samples before they are even executed. It has 86 percent accuracy as per this rate is concerned.


URL blocking
One of the best ways to keep away the malwares from the system is to never download them at the first place. Panda Free Antivirus Software helps in against the malicious downloads in two ways possible. First it tends to block all the access to the known malwares and then host the sites. Other than that they scan all the download and immediately deletes them. I was curious about this feature and I began testing it for the latest catches. I launched some URL that has execute files and then saw whether they pointed to block or execute the download files. I kept trying to sometime and found that about 64 percent of the download were malicious and 51 percent at the URL level and 13 percent eliminated from downloading files. Which was the second best according to my survey after Avira Antivirus.

In order to scan out the unknown threats all you have to do is enable behavioral threats and this will let you control them and heuristic scans. What’s fancy about this heuristic scan is that it has behavioral analysis and TruPrevent technologies which has the ability to analyze and determine the threat levels. They examine the object codes and the figure out its virus. On the other hand the Panda USB Vaccine inoculates the USB drives and prevents the spread of infections which helps to disable the auto run in removable media. One of the coolest features that came to my notice is that you can even download Panda Safe browser from the software in order to have extra protection on the internet. It helps you have a secure browser that helps in sending threats in straight and virtual sandbox in order to scanning. On the other hand the gaming mode helps you enjoy full screen video games and movies without alerts or any pop ups. The Home network manager monitor helps you to protect and update your computer and the antivirus also has virtual keyboard which protects us from key loggers.


One of the most interesting feature that I came across is the rescue USB drive. This is a significant feature that helps you to create rescue to the USB drive in order to use them when the computer gets infected to that extend that it won’t even start and stops booting. This will take some time in order to easily recover all in the rescue disk and before you make any changes it is easier that you recover them at some catastrophic situations.

If you like the idea to use the single vendor in order to protect your firewall and antivirus then Panda free antivirus combines all the functions in order to simplify the security. Although it has limited support on telephone, it always helps using the email. Although there are plenty of features that are lacking in the list of its competitor but it is good at what it does. Panda Pro is a good option in order to take in your antivirus software needs.


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