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Quick Heal Free AntivirusIntroduction
Quick Heal was founded in the year 2003 as an IT security provider. The company was founded by Kailash Katkar and has its headquarters in Pune India. Quick Heal is one of the leading IT security solution companies. It basically works to simplify the security management system across various depths and differences on several platforms. They are customized to suit the consumers with small business and with government houses. They have been in the business for over 20 years and its entire R&D is focused in network and computer security solutions.

Their new work is based on solutions to stop threats and attacks on cloud based security which helps in considerably reducing the resources in usage. All of its security systems are developed in India and has its entire range of items to heal technology. Their vision is to be one of the most trusted and one of the fastest innovations to deliver the best quality products and some services that the customers would be delighted to have. They need to solidify their position on the fast growing and evolving security product and services to a range to evade marketing computer, mobile and tablets in order to maintain a very firm customer and partner relationship.

The reason why Quick Heal free antivirus is in the market is for the internet and digital world to be more indispensable part of human lives. It is taking over all the physical means of communication and storing. This results to have digital access to be along with digital security. This include all the tools and services that will help them to secure the identity of the assets and the technology to be online as the mobile world is concerned. Since the very beginning we have the goal to protect the customers from the attacks over the internet and the intrusions to stop the hackers.

Quick Heal Free Antivirus Main

Their vision is to provide digital security to the customers and provide them solution to interact the antivirus software. They work together in order to provide digital security solution to a range of platforms to protect the customers to secure their devices where they be personal or corporate and provide you with the freedom to communicate and travel freely using your digital identity in a secure and convenient way.

They have continued to innovate and enhance in the field of marketing and network security to provide solutions in a very friendly and strong customer focused approach. They have about 1300 employees and has a spread of over 36 cities in India. This gives them the ability to have a wide spread and fast responsetime. They have an active license user base of about 7 million and has more than 24 million product installations. Other than that they have a global presence too with offices spread. They have continued to grow over the years and has a global footprint to string up new offices in Kenya, UAE, US and Japan.

I have been using quick heal free antivirus software for several years now and the most important thing that I liked about this antivirus is that it is very affordable and easy to scan which turns out to be effective. This is a very good software for starters and keeps your computer pretty light. This anti-virus helps to protect my laptop against all kinds of network based and internet related threats. Upon installation of this product it acts as a very good shield against all the viruses. Other than that it protects the computer against all types of worms, Trojans and spywares. It has the ability to detect unknown and new threats. Quick Heel’s DNAScan is a feature which is running its way.

Quick Heal Free Antivirus Scan

Quick Heal Free Antivirus Protection has a very improved Anti Phishing feature which helps to ensure that they do not land on phishing sites while browsing on the internet. The Parental Control system on the computer helps to access that your children do not access and you have pre-configured restrictions while browsing and ensues that your children do not visit adult sites. Other than these basic features they have the PCTuner feature which helps to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the system to scan feature and detect the ways to scan and remove malwares on your mobile phone.

The anti-virus tend to use a very little amount of the system to give out complete protection to the system. They have browser protection which gives you the safety to accidently transfer in virus from malicious websites and scan all web pages to automatically scan and access fraudulent activity which protect against phishing attack while surfing on the internet. They have a little feature called the Sandbox which allows the user to uninterruptedly use the secure browser to full experience.

Quick Heal Free Antivirus Settings

Quick Heal Free Virus Protection has the ability to remove traces on the internet and control or schedule parental control based on the website. Cloud based security system helps the user to have secure emails and prevent spam that might reach your email. They block the spam mails and junk mails before they event find a way to reach out your email address. This anti-virus also works a god on the mobile phones to provide protection. They help to speed up the PC performance by tuning in the startups and applications to disk cleanups and registry clean ups.

The user interface of Quick Heal Free Antivirus is user friendly and easy and has a great design which is simple and consistent. Installation take taken by this software is average and has a hell lot of features to help out the users from the users. They have quick access to the dashboard and color schemes and icons that makes them easy to identify and view the privacy and protection. It is perhaps one of the best free antivirus security apps for Android and has been there in my phone for the last 2 years. This results to have my phone to never hang and freeze and consumes very low amount of battery to have real time process. Quick Heal is the best antivirus software for starters which might just help you to keep your system safe.


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