Top 5 Free Antivirus

avg-iconAVG Free Antivirus is an internet and Antivirus security system open for OS X, Linux and windows. The company was built by Anti-Virus Guard technologies which is a public trading company in Czech Republic previously known as the Grisoft. The name of the brand was generated from Grisoft’s first antivirus product named Anti-Virus Guard which was launched in the year 1992. By the year 1997, Anti-Virus Guard licenses were available in UK and Germany and by the end of the next year it was introduced to USA. The great awareness of their products were large as they announced the free edition of their product line. In the years coming by they expanded to spyware and were acquired by ewido networks. In the same year, Microsoft came out to announce that their computers will now have Anti-Virus guard pre-installed in their Windows VistaSystems. In December 2007 they acquired XPL that is Exploit Prevention Labs which incorporated safe search and surf technology and were added to AVG 8.0 product.

The company has more than 200 million users and about 100 million are those who use their products and services on their mobile devices. They feature almost all the modern functions like Internet security which include periodic scans, send and receive mail scans, repair virus infected files and holding of the infected files. Their objective is digital protection, providing performance and privacy for the families and individuals. They provide depth in mobile security and one of the best service providers. Other than that they have a cloud based security platform and they even design products that support small and medium businesses. They believe that the meaning of security has expanded and is not limited to just anti-virus software but needs protection anywhere online anytime. They strive to offer you the peace of mind to a worldwide growing fast customer base.

avast-iconAvast Best Free Antivirus is a security software formerly called as the ALWIL software. This company is most prominently known for its antivirus products. Other than that it also has a lot of security related products which target for the corporate and consumer market. In the past few years this antivirus has expanded in the mobile industry with its flagship security app for Android. There security system has been of huge demand lately and has said to control more than 21% of the world security software market. Some of the products they produce include Free Mac Security, Free Antivirus, Mobile security, Premier Secure Line, Internet Security, etc.

The initialization of the company was from the time 1988, when researchers like Pavel Baudis from Prague, a Mathematics Machines Researcher set out to solve the problem of Vienna virus. After successfully programming for the virus, he along with his colleague Eduard Kucera paired up for ALWIL software. By the year 1996it was one of the three anti-virus programs in the world which won the Virus Bulletin’s VB100 award. The ALWIL software then licensed the anti-virus engine to McAfee to be used in their line of products and within the next seven years it reached the 1 million user mark, which followed the launch of a free solution for personal PCs. ALWIL software changed their legal name to AVAST software in the year 2010.

It is available in 45 languages but only works with internet connecting devices. Their mission is to make the people all around the world safe. They respect our right to privacy and security. They protect about 230 million users all over the world in their online devices while at home, business or mobile. It has over 500 professional workers in their headquarter in Prague, Czech Republic with many other offices all over Germany, South Korea, China and USA.

aviraAvira Free Antivirus is a security software which deals with the Internet security, IT security, privacy, smartphones, performance of the computer and its identity. It is a German multinational company founded in the year 1986. Avira has it’s headquarter in Tettnang, Germany and has their offices in Romania, Munich and Bucharest. They have about 100 million customers and is considered as the sixth largest antivirus vendors in the year 2012. They have been in this industry for the last 30 years. According to statistics they clear about 30 million threats in a day.

Avira was set up in the year 1986 by an electrical engineer named Tijak Auerbach and his partner and named it H+BEDV in Tettnang. The ‘H’ and the ‘B’ in the name are the initial of their wives first names. They launched their first program which was perhaps one of the first anti-virus program ever. This program was released to combat some of the first dangerous viruses like the Jerusalem and Cascade. These viruses were spreading at a very fast rate but AntiVir was quite efficient in repairing all the infected MS DOS systems at that time. By this time they had just 6 employees and now they have expanded to over 500 professional employees.

In the year 1995 more software versions of AntiVir was released for Windows 95, Linux and OS/2. 2001 sees their change in set milestones to become customer oriented and fast. They have now developed browser safety programs and are concentrating on safe search. Present years has seen them spread to the smart phone era. Recently the launched premium version of their Android app and are also available on App Store. They have seen strong growth in the industry. They believe in online freedom and are on their pursuit to achieve their goal.

panda-iconPanda Free Antivirus is a cloud based security solution service provider. The company was founded in the year 1990 by Mikel Urizarbarrena in Bilbao, Spain. Initially it was focused on production of antivirus software but the company then extended on to other line of action which included firewall applications, spyware detection and spam. It has products that serves the home users as well as enterprises. They provide protection from the cyber-crimes and other sorts of malware which might come as harmful for the IT systems. This software is capable of detecting hackers, spams, spywares and malwares. Other than that they also have the ability to detect Wi-Fi intrusion and is set as a proactive capability to block intruders and viruses.

They became the market leader by 1995 in Spain. Presently it has sales presence in over 80 countries and is a part of extensive network of franchises. They recently set out in order to consolidate its international expansion and also has changed the brad and is now as we know it is called Panda Security. They have a very unique approach and believe in SaaS which is software as a service. Their objective is to let the world use internet with peace of mind and enjoy the internet. They have been achieving major technology milestones at a global level in the last 20 years. Today it is internationally acclaimed and protects about 100 million users over 195 countries. They believe in simplifying the complexity and help in creating a new and better solution in order to safeguard the digital lives of the users. The best part of this security software is that it has automatic analysis which differs the manual analysis of the malware that is provided by other companies and makes it to be one of the fastest and quite more efficient in detecting the malwares.

malwarebytes-iconMalwarebytes is basically a simple application that are used in computers that runs under the Microsoft Windows as well as Apple OS X operating system and helps in finding malware and further removing them. It was made up by its corporation and was released in January 2008. It is also available in free versions that helps in scanning malware and also removing it to a much greater extent. It also has a paid version that helps to provide scanning along with protection and one flash memory scanner. Its stories are quite unique in the industry of the internet security along with its products. The products from this company have been downloaded by many people more than 500 million times.

It helps in scanning and removing the malicious software such as adware, spyware and many more. It scans the computer in batch mode instead of scanning the opened files all together. This further reduces the interference of any other malware software that is running in the computer. The free version of this can be run by a person whenever needed but the paid version provides scheduled scans that scans the files whenever opened. The paid version blocks the malicious web site along with its IP addresses. Its user interface comes in 29 different languages.

Today in the present date, all the team members of Malwarebytes which is almost more than 200 are distributed all over the world with the offices in the main cities. Its line is further being expanded for including the business that are purpose-built products and now it is protecting around more than 50,000 businesses. Everyone has an equal right to get a malware free device. The main motive of this is to create the best of all disinfections and solutions to protect world’s harmful and risky internet threats.