Trend Micro Free Antivirus Review 2016

Trend Micro Free Antivirus ReviewTrend Micro Inc., a global security software company has its roots in Los Angeles, California and was founded in the year 1988. It has its global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The regional headquarters of the security software company are situated across Asia, Europe and the Americas. The company is primarily engaged in the development of security software for servers, cloud computing, environments, consumers and small and medium businesses.

The products of Trend Micro Inc. are loosely based on Trend Micro Smart Protection Network which is a cloud-client content security infrastructure so designed as to deliver global threat intelligence to protect customers from online threats like data stealing malwares, phishing attacks, and other web, email and mobile related threats which makes Trend Micro the Best Free Antivirus protection. The antivirus software provider receives its threat intelligence from Trend Labs which is the research and development center of the company.

Unique Features:
The Trend Micro antivirus is security software that is a combination of traditional signature based security and real time cloud protection. The real time cloud protection is an interesting feature of the software which gathers data on new viruses floating in the e space from the large community of users and sends alerts to each copy of the antivirus about those new threats. The detection of the threats by Trend Micro is done based on two factors: a local signature based database and active observation of suspicious file behavior. The technology of file reputation is used by the antivirus to examine file patterns signifying malware. Overall we can say that Trend Micro is a Good Free Antivirus for personal computer.

The User Interface:

Most of the antiviruses available in the market do not incorporate spam filtering and firewall protection into their features. Unlike them, Trend Micro has generously added anti-spam to its standalone antivirus making it quite different from the others that are already available in the market. Just like the antivirus, it needs a Windows Firewall. It is a quite a good investment with an overall good suite especially you are not in need of parental control.

The main window of the suite looks similar to an antivirus. There are four component buttons across the top and a big round scan button situated in the middle. The buttons have the same name as the antivirus: Privacy, Device, Data and Family. However, after you click the buttons you will know that are much in the suite.

The Cons:
There are only a few problems with the antivirus software. One of them is its problem in identifying certain utilities as malwares. Also the parental control is very limited in the Best Free Anti Virus and there is no firewall. It has a small but a measurable effect on the performance of the system on which it is installed.

The Bottom Line:
Apart from the few lacunas that the antivirus software holds, it is very rich in features and stands out as compared to the conventional Best Free Antivirus Software solutions that are available in the market. It has good customer support options. It also has scored quite well in various antivirus testing owing to its unique features.

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